We have become desensitized from our current food production system. Through our evolution of divide and conquer, we have strayed away from the relationship we have with nature and into our own urban creations.

Now, with permaculture, we are moving to a new phase of our evolution, which involves a value shift towards unification and cooperation over competition with each other and nature itself.

Our currently agricultural system has become a system of extraction. Many of our farms are mono crop, making them perfect breading grounds for pests and those problems are dealt with through poison and genetic modification. That food is then trucked and shipped around the world, with up to 40% of it rotting before it ever reaches a plate.

Our current agricultural system:
uses up 50% of the US land, swallows up 80% of the freshwater, and uses 10% of the total US energy budget, meanwhile 40% of that food doesn’t even reach a plate. Americans are throwing out $165 billion dollars in food each year.

Within that food loss:
38% of it is grains
50% loss in seafood
52% loss in fruits and vegetables
22% meat loss
20% milk loss

While, 1 in 9 people are suffering from malnutrition.

Permaculture can solve a lot of these problems, because the premise of it involves building a permanent symbiotic relationship with nature and living harmonious amongst it.

Currently, the biggest crop grown by Americans is grass, with over 40 million acres grown for aesthetic purposes.

We can do better.

If every person planted even one fruit tree, a nut tree, and/or a garden with perennial plants, we could re-establish the mythical food gardens that we originated from.

The idea of permaculture is to work with nature rather than against it. It is possible to set animals and crops free and after a thousand years, come back and still have food thriving in those regions.

We have the power to change the landscape for our future generations to enjoy. By surrounding ourselves with food and growing it thoughtfully, allowing it to re-seed itself, allowing perennials and trees to thrive, letting animals manage pests and fertilize the land and really observing nature to learn what to do instead of trying to conquer over it’s genetic makeup to make it do what we (as humans) want, we can re-create something that we have lost touch with.

By growing food all around us, we can literally save the environment. Rather than wasting water on grass, we can use it to water the food that we need to survive. There are even advancements that will allow us to use our grey water, to eliminate water waste completely. We would eliminate all of the trucking, shipping, and pollution of transportation if our food was grown locally. If people adopted their own “farm” animals as pets, then we would re-kindle the connection we have to what we call “meat.”

Permaculture is not just about food. It is about surrendering our current “for-profit,” divide and conquer model and moving towards the maturity that we need to save the only planet that we have to survive on. When we eliminate transportation, save water, grow abundance all around us, we will also free up our time as individuals, and give each other the opportunity to thrive in our skills instead of trying to fit ourselves into the corporate world.

Right now, as a family, we have moved into an RV to educate people about sustainability and how much is possible, even while traveling in a small space. We just got back from the National Heirloom Seed Festival in Santa Rosa and then went to the Permaculture Convention in Hopland.

We live and travel in a 34ft RV that is powered by High Performance Renewable Diesel from Propel. Bio-diesel is a blend that is about 30% renewable, but this diesel blend claims to be up to 98% renewable. We have a battery-based solar array. We have LED lights, water-saving faucets, an atmospheric water generator, and a thermal roof paint that mediates the climate inside.

We just recently re-upholsterd the entire RV in 100% hemp and a hemp recycled polyester blend for the trim. We have used all the lowest VOC paints available inside and out.

But our main attraction, really, is what my partner termed our “duckwaponics” system. We travel with two chickens and a duck. They travel inside the RV with us, however when we park, they have their own coop in one of the cabinets. They eat all of the left overs that our dog does want, so we’ve gotten ourselves down to 0 food waste and their excrements along with the composting food that goes through a worm bin, makes compost tea that we feed into a thriving hydroponics system inside where we grow our herbs, our garden tower outside, and table of planters that we manage to fit in our shower while we travel.

Within a 34ft RV, we have potatoes, tomatoes, carrot, green onions, lettuce, kale, basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley, curry, jalepenos, thyme, various types of mint, multiple stevia plants, moringa, green onions, and tons of flowers just to re-direct the pests. We get up to two eggs per day, from our duck and chicken.

And really our mission is just to introduce people to what they call “meat” on a more personal basis, so that they can have that feeling that we all have with animals. We all love dogs, but when you cuddle with a chicken, it becomes less appetizing. We are not trying to encourage everyone to stop eating meat, but rather be more conscious of what meat is and how it is treated in our modern day agricultural system. We are not calling out for everyone to become farmers, but we want food identification and sustainable growing to be a part of our common core curriculum in school.

We are looking for support in several projects.
First of all, by joining the San Diego Green Chamber, we can all come together and work towards what matters. Me and my partner have branched out into a personal project, that we have decided to list business without the barrier of money. We simply want to list all the green business out there to encourage green business as a whole, because unless we all become environmentally conscious, we continue to pollute and destroy the environment for everyone.

So please join us as a member of the San Diego Green Chamber. Feel free to sign up for a free listing on Green-Places.org, as well, the website is on the RV itself, so we get a lot of visitors.

And before I end this speech, I just want to mention one more project, which is a baby right now. farmmylawn.com or farmmylawn.org

It is a website that encourages people who have lawns that they are tired of managing the grass on to merge with permaculture enthusiasts willing to crop share. The aim of the site is to bring people together and strengthen community ties.