All Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is best achieved in a network, where you can troubleshoot with experts and find all the organic supplies you need.

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    Girl Next Door Honey

    Girl Next Door Honey is more than just raw and local, it’s made in backyard hives—maybe even your neighbor’s yard! That’s the concept behind Girl Next Door Honey. We integrate bees into the local ecosystem through a network of backyard hives instead of lumping them together on some distant apiary. read more

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    Rincon Consultants Inc

    “Rincon Consultants, Inc was founded in 1994 and has since grown into a position as a leading environmental consulting firm throughout California. We serve both public and private sector clients stretching from San Diego to Sacramento. Our employees are leaders in their professional fields and continually work together to produce read more

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    Andrea Doonan

    “ANDREA DOONAN horticulture + design creates and sustains cohesive, functional and artistic landscapes while being mindful of the environment- reclaiming and transforming spaces to get people outside and enjoy. ANDREA DOONAN horticulture + design takes a holistic approach to design and consulting. Taking in tools and techniques from a variety read more

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    Letz Design

    “Saving Water to Ensure our Future” Letz Design, a Premier Landscape Designer in San Diego As a Landscape Designer in San Diego, I enjoy the variety of challenges my clientele offer on a daily basis. From working with limited budgets to conserving water or using existing materials on site, my read more

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    Feed The Soil

    “We are here to help you build and revitalize your soils . Whether you are starting your first garden or you just need help getting your soil to perform its best. Let us help. No matter what your soil type is, the basis of good soil is organic matter. The read more

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    Left Coast Garden Wholesale

    Left Coast Garden Wholesale is dedicated to providing the best customer service and highest quality products on the market. We strive to consistently offer a knowledgeable staff and dependably maintain integrity and high business standards. We weren’t always so well-known though, Left Coast Garden Wholesale sprouted from very humble beginnings. read more

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    Gaia University – Project Based Permaculture Design

    Contact Name: Lioraa Adler

    Gaia University is a higher learning un-institution offering accredited degree programs for real-world action in self and planetary transformation. These programs cultivate world changers working for local and global sustainability, justice, and peace. Gaia University was founded in order to contribute significantly to growing a coherent global worknet of action-learning, read more

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    Bountiful Gardens – Organic Seeds

    Bountiful Gardens is a project of Ecology Action, a not-for-profit dedicated to ending world hunger by teaching sustainable agriculture. Ecology Action works with projects all over the world that are locally staffed and locally adapted. We developed the biointensive and GROW BIOINTENSIVE® methods of sustainable organic gardening and mini-farming to read more

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    World Beat Center – Vegan Cafe

    The World Beat Center features an all vegan restaurant with food grown organically fresh in the garden next door, where they have a bird and butterfly sanctuary.  In addition to fantastic food, the World Beat Center also has multi-cultural events, live music, and a variety of classes focusing on personal read more