Food waste is a major problem in the world today.  According to the NDRC, over 50% of produce is wasted while nearly 1 in 9 people are suffering from malnutrition.  The agricultural system and its waste is one of the highest contributors to pollution as rotting food produces methane and growing, transporting, and processing food requires a lot of energy.

We’ve set out to prove that anyone can grow their own food.  Even in the most limiting of spaces, which in our case is a 34 ft RV that we travel in.  We have completely eliminated our food waste through compost and our chickens help us speed up the composting processes to turn food scraps into rich compost faster.

RV Hydroponics System Panorama

RV Hydroponics System Panorama

Check out this video to see how it works and feel free to use the information to do it yourself!

The average space where a hen spends her life is smaller than a standard letter sized piece of paper.  These birds are our pets.  While we didn’t expect our Buff Orpington, Goldie, to become a rooster, he is a very kind little guy. Our Silver Laced Wyandotte hen, Pepper, has been laying far more eggs than expected.  The Cayuga duck, Daffy, has not started laying eggs yet, however she is an excellent pet.

In addition, we are growing a garden outside with some more plants that we travel with in the shower and put outside. We travel with all of these vegetables, fruits, and flowers, chickens, duck, dog, and our son to raise awareness about the treatment and conditions of farm animals to encourage people to reduce their meet consumption and go organic.  We give children the opportunity to pet the animals, hold them, and get closer to these animals in hopes that both them and their families become more aware of these animals’ spirit.