When people pay attention to rooftop greenhouses, oil station canopy structures can be a new place for a kind of rooftop greenhouse production.

Mr. H. Erturul Sahin, a well-know person with his different horticulture ideas such as “umbrella greenhouse” would like to know if somebody thought about this before and wonders if the official rules are suitable for such a production.

The main advantage of the system will be the number of oil stations in a city and when there is an organization to organize all of them to produce some products will be a good opportunity to realize something together.

Growing some products such as tomatoes or lettuce and using them for their own needs will be a way. Or they can sell the products and the money they gathered from them will be used for several purposes such as helping some people or creating some new free services for customers inside oil station.

Mr. Sahin wonder if anybody thought the same thing before him and he tries to reach some oil station companies to inform them for his idea.

Canopy structures of oil stations can be designed in this way and it will be possible to use them as a kind of simple rooftop greenhouse structure.

Mr. H. Ertugrul Sahin has new ideas for horticulture market such as;

  1. Umbrella greenhouse for industrial and home usage:

His idea umbrella greenhouse is very simple idea to build fast and efficient greenhouses when there is not much amount of money investment and time to build new greenhouses. Also people can buy this system and build a simple greenhouse at their home by themselves.

  1. Tomatoes and mushrooms are at the same gutter:

Mr. Sahin thought that mushroom needs dark spaces and below part of a normal gutter is a suitable place for a mushroom. This dark area can be covered with a plate and becomes darker and then at this closed area mushroom can be produced while tomatoes grow at the upper side.

  1. Coco peat with growth light inside:

A new and interesting idea from Mr. H. Ertugrul Sahin, a private enterprise person at horticulture market: cocopeat with growth light inside it for the roots of plants.

Everything starts from the root of a plant and light is a guide for the whole life and production of a plant. A seed inside soil or cocopeat uses light to find its way to grow up. That is why a growth light inside a cocopeat can be an interesting idea to test what will happen.

  1. Plant diaper to be used as cocopeat:

Mr. Sahin says that this idea is not belongs to him because he found several articles that people use material inside diaper to grow plants with or without soil. But his idea is producing a special plant diaper to be used as cocopeat.

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  1. Peter Heri May 22, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    Oil station can be a green house…Very interesting idea.

  2. Stephano Msuya April 25, 2016 at 6:41 am

    I really appreciate the idea

  3. Susan September 21, 2015 at 5:37 am

    It’s very great ideas, hope it it come ture

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