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Mr. Sahin graduated from Cukurova University, Schoof of Tourism and Hotel Management in 1991 in Turkiye. He is a well known person with his interesting but important ideas.  Most of them became international news such as “conscious cigarette smoking course and giving licence to bring cigarette after this course”, “magnetic field toursim which means going to holiday according to earth magnetic field values because these values effect human health”, “keeping close mobile phones during eating something because electromagnetic waves destroy vitamins and they can not bring minerals to cells”. He lives in Mersin-Turkiye. 

 He is an experienced person in horticulture sector at modern glass greenhouses. He has his own ideas such as “umbrella greenhouse” , “growing mushroom inside gutter while tomatoes grow on the gutter”, “putting growth light inside cocopeat to see the effect on seed and root”, “using baby diaper to grow plants and he calls it plant diaper”. He says the material inside baby diaper used for growing plants and this idea is not directly belongs to him bu he says that producing a special plant diaper to be used instead of cocopeat will be a good idea because of life span of material inside diaper.  

 He left his last greenhouse company seven months ago and he has good contacts in and abroad with many greenhouse builder companies and investors. He also has contact with a big Project in Iran. 

 He says “at the moment I do not have a company belong to me and my strategy is letting some of my friends to be representative of some foreign companies in Turkiye, in Turkic Republics and also in Middle East countries”.  He also would like to find companies to produce his product ideas and by this way he would like to determine his way as developing new greenhouse ideas.



 There are several projects at greenhouse sector but this will be very interesting: Umbrella Greenhouses. Owner of the idea Mr. H. Ertugrul Sahin is a well known people with his ideas in Turkiye. Most of them printed or broadcasted in Turkish televisions and newspapers. 

Mr. Sahin worked for greenhouse sector during past three years and now he continue his profession in Antalya in a company which builds greenhouses abroad and also gives consultancy and marketing services to greenhouses.

 His idea umbrella greenhouses is very simple idea to build fast and efficient greenhouses when there is not much amount of investment money and time to build new greenhouses. Also people can buy this system and build a simple greenhouse at their home.  

 Mr. Sahin explains his idea like this: “Think a big umbrella like the ones outsides of restaurants, and put them connected to each other. Number of them will be one or a hundred or a thousand according to area you would like to build umbrella greenhouse. Each umbrella will have necessary parts for growing plants (vegetable or fruit) and when you connect umbrellas together there will be a complete and simple system”.

 There are so much greenhouse materials at the site before installation and installing them is a hard job and takes so much time and needs so much experience which then cost a lot of money. Think that you divide a greenhouse system into one hundred pieces and build each part as an umbrella and then bring them together for installation. 

 To make it simple I changed the design a little bit so that people can make a quick installation. After completion of opening and connecting umbrellas together you cover roof and four side of the area with plastic. 

 Since there is no need for an installation team and time then it will be cheaper because of these things. Think that you can grow tomatoes or lettuce. 

 Mr. Sahin says that he sent his project to a Dutch greenhouse builder company and is going to have a meeting with them during Growtech Fair in Antalya to explain his idea in much details. Also he sent his project to a well known industrial shopping mall chain that sells all kinds of products. 

 Attached drawings explains the idea. These drawings prepared by Mr. Deniz Bilgen according to explanations of Mr. H. Ertugrul Sahin.

 drawing for mushroom inside gutter

Mr. Sahin says that with such a simple product it will be possible to build simple greenhouses fast and cheap when there is not much money to make investment and much time to build a greenhouse. Also just people can buy one or two umbrella for their own production and put them to their balcony or salon.


You know Mr. H. Ertugrul Sahin with his different ideas at several sectors and now he would like to develope a special gutter where you can produce tomatoes and mushrooms together.

Mr. Sahin thought that mushroom needs dark spaces and below part of a normal gutter is a suitable place for a mushroom. This dark area can be covered with a plate and becomes darker and then at this closed area mushroom can be produced while tomatoes grow at the upper side.

He thinks that this idea also can be applied to present greenhouses to produce an alternative second product at the same place. 

He says that second hand greenhouses which are not used anymore can be reviewed and gutters will be used for mushroom production by putting them over and over. In this case greenhouse will become smaller and the free land space will be used for something else. 

H. Ertugrul Sahin has four years modern glass greenhouse marketing experience and last year his “umbrella greenhouse” idea broadcasted in English and Turkish. At this idea Mr. Sahin planned to put all the materials into a column and after putting them in a land just a few people can set up a greenhouse which is not modern but practical. You open the column, connect parts together and then you have a simple greenhouse space to produce what you want.

Mr. Sahin also has several opinions for marketing of business and education of workers and some of them broadcasted in Dutch.


A new and interesting idea from Mr. H. Ertugrul Sahin, a private enterprise person at horticulture market: cocopeat with growth light inside it for the roots of plants.

As you know growth light is necessary for plants in greenhouses where there is not enough sun light during some terms of the year. And growers can find many different products as growth light. But these lights are for plants and there is no light for roots of plants.

Mr. Sahin noticed this and created this idea. He informed that light is an important factor for plants to grow and also to produce their own product. Plants work as if a kind of factory. During their production term growth lights are a necessity when there is low light, but what about roots of plants?

Everything starts from the root of a plant and light is a guide for the whole life and production of a plant. A seed inside soil or cocopeat uses light to find its way to grow up. That is why a growth light inside a cocopeat can be an interesting idea to test what will happen. 

Mr. Sahin informs that some people can think maybe heat of growth light can damage seed or root of plant but a special growth light with low heat can solve the problem. 

H. Ertugrul Sahin tells that this idea must be tried to see the real results.


Mr. Sahin says that this idea is not belongs to him because he found several articles that people use material inside diaper to grow plants with or without soil. But his idea is producing a special plant diaper to be used instead of cocopeat.

For his country Turkiye cocopeat will be bought from foreign companies and domestic companies buy cocopeat and sell in Turkiye. But there are many baby diaper companies in Turkiye and he thinks if one of them will produce a special plant diaper (his idea) it will be good for both parties. Because as far as he knows materials inside baby diaper has at least five years life span and this is a longer time than a cocopeat product has. 

Mr. Sahin would like to realize new ideas and would like to develope new business opportunities at horticulture sector for himself and for his potential partners. He left the company where he was workign for and now he is his own boss. 

He has very good connections and by using these connections he had contact information of 1000 (a thousand) hectare Project in Iran. His some valuable comments for horticulture market broadcasted in English and Dutch. His idea growing mushroom is also broadcasted in Dutch, Italian and English.

He plans to be in Growtech Fair in Antalya – Turkiye during 2 – 5 of December, 2015 as a visitor and wish to have some good meetings there. 

At the moment a Turkish company started to determine the cost of umbrella greenhouse idea and a company from China wanted to cooperate for plant diaper idea. He could not find a company to realize a special gutter to produce mushroom inside it. And he says there is no interest from growth light companies to realize his idea cocopeat with growth light inside. 

Drawings of Umbrella Greenhouse Idea

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Mr. H. Ertugrul Sahin. Mersin – Turkiye.

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