After three years of working with the organizing team to protest against Monsanto, my partner and I decided to focus on solutions by building an on-line directory of vegan, organic, and overall environmentally friendly products to share the resources with our community in hopes of helping the transition away from habits that we are all trying to escape from with are harmful to both our individual bodies and the planet as a whole.  While we have put a spot light on Monsanto, there is an entire industry polluting the planet that extends to many of the animal raising aspects of agriculture, the use of toxic elements in our daily lives, fossil fuels and the habits we engage in that create non-biodegradable waste.CIMG2647

As a family, prior to working on the as a project.  We started off completely “normal.”  We were following commercials for suggestions what to buy and shopping at all the major monopolies, only to admit it is very hard to step away from the convince.  Over the past 5 years, we’ve made the transition to eat as organic and as much vegan as possible, however we’ve noticed challenges as it is not offered in most restaurants as an option.  We’ve decided to map out a directory of organic farms, organic food, and vegan options.  As a family, we’ve made a firm decision to protest the purchase and ingestion of abused animals and cut off all of the financial support we would be otherwise supplying to that industry and we encourage everyone to do the same.  We do not preach to anyone about whether or not they should eat meat, just request for the mercy of the lives of the animals they ingest and be aware of how their stress hormones are consumed.

While we have resorted mostly to buying organic food and cooking, it is a challenge to find organic restaurants.  Therefore, we are building in a directory in hopes of our network, who all wants to support organic food production, can help us create listings.

We vote with our money more than our ballots, therefore we’ve got to work together to decide what kind of world that we want to live in.  On, we want to support the businesses that are making this planet better and healthier for everyone.  We’ve decided not to charge for our listings, because we want to support the green business and organic start ups who are struggling financially regardless to whether or not they can afford it.  We understand it costs more to be organic, but it is important to both our health and the health of our ecosystem.  Pesticides cause pests to both mutate and due to lesser food supply, obliterate organic food growers.

1374265_10100780531675322_1271350173_nWe want to encourage people to grow their own food instead of grass.

As human beings, we are wasting water and energy on grass, when with knowledge we can use the energy that we expend to drive to the grocery store and work to buy food on actually growing food all around us.

Not everyone may how, but everybody can learn.

It doesn’t have to be hard labor either.  We have been a strong advocates for aquaponics, hydroponics, and automated growing systems that do not use any toxic herbicides or pesticides.

While raising awareness about the March Against Monsanto at Earth Day amongst 40,000 people, we met an incredible family who was showcasing a completely sustainable RV, which ran off of vegetable grease, solar panels, and they were making a huge effort to actually take action and show everyone else how to do it.  We were so inspired by them, that we decided that we wanted to join them on their mission.

In order to raise awareness and market the green businesses that are listed on our website, we want to travel around advertising the domain and document how an old diesel RV can be remodeled to be a showcase of sustainable products.

Currently, we are collecting seeds.

We try to preserve seeds from the organic food that we eat and we are heading up to Santa Rosa with the RV to volunteer at the National Heirloom Seed festival.  We’ve upgraded it to drive from dirty, smelly diesel, to clean and virtually invisible Propel Diesel HPR.  They have created gas stations with a blend of recycled oils and fats out of renewable sources and it is able to haul the giant 34′ RV around with ease.

Soon, we plan to share our journey to and at the heirloom festival in videos.

So stay tuned!