About Us

At Green Places, our goal is to connect conscious customers to businesses that make the effort to promote sustainability through sharing DYI strategies and eco-friendly products.

We fuel the motorhome with renewable diesel, Propel HPR. We put solar panels on the roof and LED lights inside. We covered the roof in a ceramic insulating coat from EnviroCoatings to keep from needing as much air conditioning and heat. We got an atmospheric water generator from Ecoloblue, so that we can get water from air or filter from any water source. We collect rain water from our roof.

In one of the RV outside cabinets, we’ve got a chicken coop with a hen and a duck that both lay eggs almost everyday. They compost all of our food scraps into rich nutrients for our plants. We’ve got a GeoPot filled with potatoes, many little heirloom tomato plants, a spinach bush, and a garden tower full of herbs and lettuce. We’ve got a GoSun Stove for cooking food outside using pure sunlight, even in the winter when it is cold.

Inside, all of the paint used is no VOC, the floors are made from Bamboo, we have a 10 foot long hydroponic pipe for edible plants, the dashboard is a green house for tiny heirloom tomatoes.

Our next project will be installing a grey water filter, so that we can recycle our grey water for plants, instead of pouring it down the drain. Also, we want to install a compost toilet, which will greatly reduce our need to dump into sewage.

We believe that all of the components that we are using can be an everyday part of everyone’s home, regardless of size or location. We are demonstrating the concept in an RV to show how much is possible in such a limited space and hope to inspire people to adopt some of the changes that we have made.

Our goal, with your support, will be to covert local landscape to permaculture. Geo-engineering is a temporary solution to a big problem, we believe that putting grey water into the ground rather than through pipes can better help hydrate the local atmosphere. Our climate will improve when we landscape it to help us thrive. We want to encourage everyone to grow food instead of grass to stop the scarcity, agricultural pollution, industrial animal abuse, and prevent over 50% of grown produce from going to waste.

We raise awareness about clean energy by promoting efficiency first, then clean energy production. We show people how to install their own energy systems and offer solar panels from our partner, Real Goods.

We  mapped out all of the restaurants and health markets that offer organic food, alongside a directory of businesses that offer a variety  of green services. The site currently  includes solar companies, hydroponics shops,   community gardening stores, organic farms, green products, and bring together all the organizations that are on the same mission; to restore a balance to our natural ecosystem and  lower our carbon footprint.

We invite you to register Green Businesses for free!

You can list your own business or help promote your favorite places. We encourage consumers review each other for quality.

We can all help each other vote for a more sustainable planet by participating in more sustainable businesses.

Thank you for your support!